A bespoke approach to investment management

Our Mission

The Rosseau Group (“TRG”) is a privately held investment-management firm based in Southern Ontario. Rosseau was founded in 2013 to hold the founders’ growing asset management business, formerly operating as part of The Condo Store Inc. Long-time partners John Mehlenbacher and Simon S. Mass joined forces with Wall Street veteran Scott Moffat to create a firm designed to invest private funds in long-term, value-oriented projects.


At the highest level, we invest in companies with excellent long-term earnings potential.  As serial entrepreneurs, we welcome the opportunity to invest in growth-capital opportunities in which we can secure a control position or create new companies from scratch.

We take pride in our ability to put together top-notch management teams.  Our entrepreneurial culture attracts like-minded colleagues and managers.  We provide a home for value investors and entrepreneurs at every level.


We provide a bespoke approach to investment management, tailoring each fund to our investors’ needs.  Balancing returns with the risk of capital impairment, we harness our industry relationships to uncover private projects and provide diversified portfolios for our investors.

Secure, lucrative & transparent investments

It is our mission to provide investors with a secure, lucrative, transparent option amid a world of opportunities. We value the trust our investors place in us; it is our goal to earn that trust every day.

Our Wisdom

Our partners have experience in operations, real-estate brokerage, development, asset management, and investment banking.  Our combined experience in multinational corporate entities and entrepreneurial ventures provides us with multiple perspectives from which to analyze investments.  Our entrepreneurial spirit opens the door to creative projects overlooked by more rigid firms.  Our institutional approach ensures that all investments exhibit appropriate risk-return ratios.


Our Name

The Rosseau Group is a family company, founded by two cousins – Scott Moffat and John Mehlenbacher – and their longtime friend and business partner, Simon Mass.  Scott and John don’t share a last name, but they do share a lake: Lake Rosseau.


Lakes are the epitome of Canadian culture.  Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.  From urban skylines to mountainous glacial pools, we have enough freshwater shoreline for every guest and citizen to enjoy.  Lakes bring people together.  They represent peace of mind, history, stability, and – for lack of a perfect English word – ‘hygge’.

Scott and John have been enjoying Lake Rosseau together since the 1980s.  Scott’s family first settled in Muskoka in the early 1900s.  John grew up with Scott at his parents’ cottage on Lake Rosseau.  Today, their cottages – only two miles apart – are the central gathering spots for friends and family scattered across the continent.


When we founded our company, we wanted a name that represented the lakeside feeling we loved – to set a tone for the company that would bring us some of the same peace of mind we have enjoyed on the lake all these years.  Our firm was designed to bring people together and provide a permanent home for companies, properties, and people.  So, we named it after our most inspirational icon, our home, our favourite lake of all: Lake Rosseau.

Investment Strategy

At Rosseau, we leave the high-risk opportunities for others.  We seek lucrative opportunities with an appropriate margin of safety.  Our investments are designed to provide investors with secure, predictable returns that are less volatile than the alternatives.  The illiquid nature of our investments is balanced by superior returns and favourable tax treatment.  We target overlooked projects outside the GTA, where fewer investors and developers compete.


We seek projects for which our greater group of companies can manage the most important aspects.  Our careful due diligence process – performed by all interested parties – is reflected in the accurate financial projections we create.

Most importantly, we stand by our investments, co-investing in every fund or project.  If a project is unworthy of our capital, it is unworthy of our investors’.


In the real-estate and broader investment management industry, it is common for managers of various types to have incentives that conflict with those of investors.  At TRG, we proudly take the concept of aligned incentives to the extreme.


In most projects, we involve carefully selected service providers.  Some are relatively minor; some are an integral part of the project’s foundation.  We convert the most important service providers into partners.

In all of our projects, material service providers – sales managers, builders, and often others – are required to invest alongside us.  We believe that profit participation should always outweigh management fees. We align incentives in every way possible.


Finally, at the end of the project, we – the partners of The Rosseau Group – defer our compensation until all investors have received an agreed-upon base return.  We require ourselves to exceed the returns available to you elsewhere in order to deserve any reward for our efforts.


From beginning to end, aligned incentives ensure that we are never merely advisors; we are your partners.

Our Founders

Our story began with a simple objective: the acquisition of pre-construction condominiums… in bulk. In 2004, serial entrepreneur Simon S. Mass teamed up with newly-appointed City Place executive, John Mehlenbacher to create an international investor syndicate designed to invest in Toronto condominiums. The Condo Store Group of Companies was born.


First came The Condo Store Inc. – the formal corporation of the syndicate, then The Condo Store Realty, followed closely by TCS Marketing Systems, and in late 2014 the disruption that revolutionized pre-construction condo sales and marketing: Insider Condo Club.

Our independent but highly synergized companies work fluidly together for the betterment of investors, property owners, landlords, financial institutions, developers, and, ultimately, for great cities across North America.  Years of successful investments have created loyal clients who continue to re-invest and refer.


With a combined industry experience of over 40 years and a partnership that has had its hands in over $23 billion in development projects and sales, the legacy continues. Our synergized group of companies established over the last 12 years continues to grow, providing The Rosseau Group with a unique competitive advantage.

Active Managers

Our partners actively manage the operations of The Rosseau Group and oversee capital allocation, financial planning, and business strategy at all levels of corporate governance.  Our partners serve on the board of directors of TRG and all portfolio companies.  Each company has one of the founding partners as its Chairman, who directly assists and oversees operations.



Scott is a licensed physician and former investment banker with nine years of Ontario real estate investment experience.  A Toronto native and dual citizen of Canada and the United States, Scott has spent most of his life straddling the border.


After attending Upper Canada College in Toronto, he pursued the rest of his education in New York.  With a long-standing desire to study both business and medicine, Scott invested in Ontario real estate while pursuing post-graduate education.  After completing his medical education at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, Scott returned to Cornell to complete an MBA at Johnson.


Subsequently, Scott joined Citigroup’s Healthcare Investment Banking team where he advised clients across the healthcare spectrum in capital raising and Mergers & Acquisitions.


After years of successful investments in Ontario real estate, Scott left Wall Street to form The Rosseau Group with his long-time investment partners.  As President of The Rosseau Group, Scott oversees capital allocation, portfolio management, and business strategy for the parent company.  Scott also serves as Chairman of our non-real estate companies: Muskoka Springs, Rosseau Restaurants, Rosseau Hospitality, and Campus Crew.


John is a Toronto native with over two decades of local real estate experience.  Before founding The Condo Store, he made his mark spearheading sales for Concord Adex, developer of the largest master-planned communities in North America.


In the early 2000s, John joined forces with Simon S. Mass, pooling clients to invest in preconstruction condominiums at wholesale prices.  In 2004, he and Simon founded a ten-person boutique that evolved into The Condo Store.


After over a decade of harnessing the windfalls available in Toronto’s pre-construction market, The Condo Store portfolio had grown to encompass a wide range of real estate investments.  In Spring 2013, John and Simon united with Scott to found The Rosseau Group to house their growing asset management business.


After a decade as Chief Operations Officer of The Condo Store Group of Companies, John has transitioned to the development side of the industry, managing our largest portfolio company: Rosseau Development Corp (“RDC”).  As Chairman of RDC, John oversees business development, investor relations, portfolio management, and project coordination between our synergistic real estate companies.



Originally from the United Kingdom, Simon is a Torontonian with over seventeen years of real estate investment experience and ten years of asset management experience. Simon holds an Industrial Engineering Degree as well as an MBA specializing in International Marketing.  With a development and landlord foundation dating back two generations, Simon has become a leading player in the high volume pre-construction industry – both in Canada and abroad.


In the 1990s, Simon established Toronto’s wholesale/bulk market segment by connecting a global network of investors to Southern Ontario’s booming condominium market.


In 2004, he and John Mehlenbacher formalized their network of over 300 sophisticated clients, establishing an investment syndicate through the founding of The Condo Store.  Over the years, their investments have spread from pre-construction condominiums to a wide range of investments in the real estate industry.


Simon’s long-standing relationships with leading developers continue to fuel the Rosseau investment engine.  Simon travels extensively to improve relations with developers and international clients seeking investment in Canada.  Simon continues to serve as CEO and Chairman of both The Condo Store Group of Companies and Insider Condo Club.

Our Synergies

Our primary focus is the Ontario Real Estate Industry.  While we invest in a wide range of opportunities, we focus on residential and mixed-use development.  Our synergized portfolio companies provide us with a unique competitive advantage: our projects are vertically integrated.  Our real-estate companies constantly share information and serve each other for mutual benefit.  We safeguard our investments by selecting projects in which we have specific expertise and the ability to add the most value.

When The Rosseau Group or Rosseau Development Corp vets a new opportunity, the experts at The Condo Store Realty, TCS Marketing Systems, and Insider Condo Club provide candid feedback in an open process.  Ultimately, finances are supported by The Rosseau Group Inc; tenants are serviced by Rosseau Properties, and sales and marketing are supported by The Condo Store and Insider Condo Club.


Our marketing engine provides investors with the knowledge that the most efficient sales force in the industry is not only ready to sell the project, but has also helped to design the project for maximum profitability.


We work together to achieve the best possible returns for our investors.

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